Beat Blue Monday!

That’s right….it’s said that the 3rd Monday in January is better known as ‘Blue Monday’

Pretty depressing right?

But, it doesn’t have to be!

True, January can feel like an abrupt end to the lively December bustle full of sparkles and social events, and sometimes we can so desperately try and hold onto this excitement. But the trick with January is simply not to fight it.

We must find the joy within it.

We can’t change the cold weather or the long dark nights, but what we can change is our attitude towards this month we seem to dread so much.

Instead we should be seeing it as an opportunity to revel in its quiet beauty.

Relish in the solitude that January brings, enjoy being free from social engagements, and appreciate the true charm of nature throughout these wintry months.

Glistening landscapes, pure white horizons and frosty trees at the crack of dawn. It really can be a beautiful time if we choose to seek out the positives.

Winter is a time for comfort, good food and warmth.

Take time to reflect on the past 12 months, what went right and what went wrong? Think about the year ahead and build genuine intentions.

We must mirror nature, hibernate and nourish, ready to burst into Spring with vibrancy and spirit.

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