Refresh & Refocus this Spring

Spring is finally in sight so it’s the perfect time to refresh and refocus, shaking off those winter blues.

This month the focus is on daily work and healthy habits; personal development can be a new path to feeling your absolute best and now is the time to devote attention to your wellbeing whilst getting things done – it’s about balance.

There it is; that word again, balance. That word that makes you sick, fearful, angry, and calm all at once.

It’s easy enough saying we need to live with it but knowing how to, with such busy schedules, is tough, right?!

Well, if you want to know the secret to finding it, keep reading…

So it’s all well and good knowing you need to tick off the to-do list while eating well, exercising, nurturing relationships, relaxing and doing your best at work…but knowing how to handle everything without feeling overwhelmed can seem easier said than done.

The trick?

It’s about energy…and how you use it.

To put it simply, we have things on our to-do lists that use up our energy, so it is vital that we make time for things that restore our energy too – this is how we conquer balance.

Doing too much of either thing will only lead to stress in some form or another; on one end of the spectrum is being completely and utterly burnt out and on the other end there’s the anxiety of getting nothing done at all.

The answer? We must create a flexible routine that enables us to chip away at all of our tasks while making time to unwind and recharge…

…and we must give all of these activities the same level of importance. 

So, how to use your energy correctly…

Start by writing down ALL of your tasks for the coming week; from work duties, home chores, relationship commitments and your relaxation ‘musts’, get every single thing that you need to do for the week out of your head and onto paper.

(tip: spider diagrams work great if you need to break your list into these sections – and highlighting or colouring in tasks as you go helps you visually see your progression)

Then as you work your way through the day, you simply choose a task to tick off, that matches your levels of energy.

For example…

You need to complete that big assignment but you’ve woken up feeling groggy and tired. Leave it, take a bath to restore your energy or tackle a more simple task like making those overdue phone calls.

You’re spending valuable time looking after yourself and building your energy up, or your tackling easier, more manageable tasks which still make the to-do list smaller.

The next day you’ve come back from your exercise class feeling fully awake and energised…

NOW is the time to crack on with that big assignment, it’ll take you half the time to complete and the outcome will be of quality!

Living a balanced life is about making time by using your energy wisely.

Use your ‘high energy’ moments to get the big jobs done and your ‘low energy’ moments to tend to the needs of your wellbeing…

…and life should start feeling just that little bit easier!

Good luck and Happy Spring!

Double Celebration For NWCH

We are still so happy with how our Birthday Event went on the 3rd March 2018 we thought we’d share the details of the night with you. We also want to extend a massive thank you to all who gave raffle prizes, attended on the night and kindly donated to our projects – it is already making a difference to peoples lives.

More than 75 people made, a community interest company’s first birthday celebrations extra memorable by raising more than nearly £1,200 for its life-changing work.

Impressed guests, who attended the NWCH (Naomi Watkins Counselling Hub) party at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Lincoln, dug deep in support of a bumper raffle, then topped it off with further donations – raising £1,190 to help the Community Interest Company to counsel more people in distress.

Diners warmly applauded the Hub’s work and its recent expansion, at the end of an outstanding year during which co-founders Naomi Watkins and Alex Parkin had already received two lots of grant aid and been forced to expand into a second building to meet the sheer demand for their counselling and training services.

During the special evening, which was attended by Lincoln Mayor Councillor Chris Burke, the city’s Mayoress Coun Sue Burke and Sheriff Jo Rimmer, Naomi and Alex showed a video and explained how the Hub’s team is working with both children to adults to change lives.

Guests listened intently as a mum-of-three gave a personal testimony of how the Hub had helped her children through a difficult period after she was diagnosed with cancer.  Other testimonies were also read out.

Naomi said: “It was a really wonderful evening and we were blown away with the amount of money raised by the generously-supported raffle and donations.

“This will be ploughed back into our projects, because we are determined to improve as many lives as possible.  These funds will be targeted on our Acorn Project, to help young people between the ages of four and 18 years old, who have suffered sexual abuse or rape.

“It will also assist our work with Scunthorpe-basedTeam Verrico, for whom we provide counselling to families facing cancer and our work with Sophie’s Journey, where we offer group therapy to parents who have lost children to cancer.”

In one year we, NWCH have grown to boast a 25-strong team, which includes 18 counsellors, and we are based out of two adjacent units on the Allenby Business Village, off Monks Road, in Lincoln.

We recently appointed team member and counsellor Charlie Blackwell as the Hub’s Business Development Manager.  In addition to continuing to offer one-to-one support to clients, he will be helping to develop the training arm of the company.

Within the first six months of trading, Naomi and Alex celebrated a £25,000 grant from The Bromhead Medical Charity, which NWCH is using to provide free counselling to young people and children, whose lives have been blighted by sexual abuse or rape.

Local sexual abuse services have been encouraged to signpost children and young people in need to the service, where they are offered a mixture of pet therapy, sand tray therapy, play and counselling to help them to process their emotions and regain their confidence.

News of a £60,000 “super boost” came in February, which allowed NWCH to double the size of the Lincoln Hub, spelling even better news for clients and fellow professionals.

That funding, which was awarded by The Key Fund, unlocked Naomi and Alex’s dream of creating more counselling rooms, which they have now done, and also lease a second building for use as a dedicated training centre.

The training centre will generate further income to help ensure the future sustainability of NWCH.

Lincolnshire Live & Chamber of Commerce

Lincolnshire live and the Lincolnshire chamber of commerce have written about our first-year celebration.

“A counselling hub based in Lincoln which supports children who have been victims of sexual abuse have celebrated a successful first year in business.”

More than 75 people made NWCH (Naomi Watkins Counselling Hub) first birthday celebrations extra memorable by raising more than nearly £1,200 for its life-changing work.