The impact of highly mobile lives on experiences of identity

By Dr Rachel Cason

13th May 10am-1pm

The impact of highly mobile lives on experiences of identity

Delivered by Dr Rachel Cason

This workshop will discuss the ‘shape’ of highly mobile lives – the
lives of military children, missionary children, diplomat children, business children. We will explore the impact of this ‘shape’ on identity formation, and the challenges and opportunities that our clients from highly mobile backgrounds may experience. Together we will compile constructs and tools to help us best meet the identity challenges faced by our highly mobile clients.

Dr Rachel Cason is from a highly mobile background herself, being born and raised in West Africa and returning ‘permanently’ to the UK at the age 16. University studies lead her towards a deeper understanding of the experiences of identity, belonging and place that she and many others navigate, and she founded Life Story to move her support of the highly mobile community from theoretical to practical. She claims to have the best job in the world; the honour of listening to other people’s stories, and walking with them and they journey through their next chapters.

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This is a must for all who come into contact with children who have mobile lives book here