Managing Change – By Mel Downing

Why not come to our next workshop this Sunday 15th July 10am-1pm

Mel explains about why change is stressful for us, how we resist it and how we can embrace it. She will also talk about the concept of having a Plan B – how that is helpful can actually make us more committed to our Plan A.

Change is an inevitable part of life. They say nothing ceases changing until it ceases to be. Yet we often find the concept of change frightening and resist it. We will look at why that is, what change means to us and how we can embrace it and move with it more comfortably.

A big part of managing change is feeling we have choices. Having a Plan B is a useful tool to allow us to take the reins in how we want out plans to play out. Much controversy is made of having a Plan B. We will look at why that is, what a good Plan B actually is and how we can use it to help us actually be more committed to our Plan A.

This is an interactive and inclusive workshop where shared experiences are welcomed. The aim of the session is to empower you to make decisions based on how you respond to situations, instead of feeling buffeted by obstacles.

Mel Downing is a homeopath and health care advisor, she helps many people move with, and engineer, changes within their lives, health and businesses. Her extensive experience, both personal and professional, will help and encourage you to contact your own inner guidance system and give you back the means to lead your own life. You may be surprised how much change can be welcomed when it worked with rather than being denied or shied away from.