Personality Disorder Training

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Trainer Profiles:

Yvonne Emmett-Pell

Hi, I’m a Yorkshire lass living in Lincoln! I prefer to be called Von by the way!

I am a qualified Medical Herbalist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Teacher with an interest in anything ‘alternative’. I also have an adult teaching certificate and delivered training in my last place of employment. I have severe mental health issues which includes a Personality Disorder and major treatment resistant depression. I live with these everyday although I don’t always see the positives in my life, I have worked hard to manage my mental health by getting involved with LPFT on their train the trainer for the Knowledge and Understanding Framework (KUF) program. I facilitate training for the program on a regular basis which I enjoy even though I find it hard work. I am also the treasurer of Upbeat a local social group. I have co-developed a training package that we deliver to different organisations within Lincolnshire.

My hobbies are following Leeds Rhinos Rugby League Football Club and going to the theatre when I can. I am very open about my mental health issues so if you have any questions of me then please do ask.

Robert Glenton

Hello my is Robert. Not originally from Lincoln but an RAF baby. Through various stages in my life I have sought answers to my own mental health needs and a need for social contact. Originally trained as printer, before qualifying in social worker and working with young offenders. This was followed by a further qualification in beauty therapy. More recently I have undertaken a Train the Trainers course on Raising Awareness of Personality Disorders and a further adult teaching Qualification. I am involved in training at Lincoln University, For LPFT and for Upbeat. I am Chairperson of Upbeat, a Lincoln based Social Group for people with lived experience of Personality Difficulties, as well as being a Trustee of SHINE. I sat on the steering committee for the development of the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in Lincoln. I run a Mental Health Facebook Page posting articles, research and information on all aspects of mental health.

I live with complex mental health needs, being diagnosed with a personality disorder, major depression, I hear voices and I am an adult Self-harmer.

I enjoy sports from the comfort of my armchair, developing ideas and projects and Steampunk. I am open about my mental health experiences and sharing knowledge. There are no silly questions.

The days training will cover the following:

Introduction What is personality

What shapes our Personality

How do we define Personality Disorder

Types of Personality Disorder

What are the causes of Personality Disorder – when and why they occur

Personality Disorder – Key Factors

Labelling and Stigmatisation

Personality Disorder Key Facts – Fact or Fiction

Why Should We Help Access to Treatments

Working with the narrative

Treatment Options CBT Mindfulness DBT Counselling Schema Therapy Medication

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