White Ribbon day

November 25th is White Ribbon Day read more and make the pledge here

We are running a workshop on Sunday 25th November 10am-1pm, to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse and how we can support people in Domestic Abuse relationships. Delivered by Naomi Watkins.

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Please remember we only have 23 hours left to vote for our Aviva project it takes 2 minutes of your time please vote here

Can you help us?

Can you give us 2 minutes of your time? You could change someones life if you do.

All you have to do is vote for us on The Aviva Community Fund page. Your votes could help us to win funding to provide much needed counselling services, to Children and Young People of Lincolnshire. Vote here

The Daffodil Project will enable NW Counselling Hub to plug a huge gap that leaves vulnerable children & young people unable to access counselling services, often when they hit crisis point after being rejected by other services, or after being told to wait several months for counselling. Should NWCH win AVIVA funds, we will provide free, rapid access counselling for 4 – 25 year olds. PLEASE VOTE using this link

With the funding, NWCH would deliver THE DAFFODIL PROJECT (TDP) to plug a recognised gap in support for 60 children & young people (C&YP) aged 4 – 25 years who have:

* Fallen outside of parameters set by other services to gain access to counselling
* Been told to wait 3+ months for counselling from other services
* Been rejected by other services
* Never previously accessed counselling but found NWCH through our marketing & social media

C&YP who ‘fall through the gap’ can be in desperate need of rapid access counselling, so within 1 – 2 weeks of being referred to NWCH, we will arrange one-to-one therapy with specialist counsellors to address their mental health needs. This can include help with: suicidal ideation, self-harm, trauma from sexual and emotional abuse, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, low self-esteem due to bullying and so forth.

Since April 2017, NWCH has delivered 2147 one-to-one sessions to C&YP aged 4-18, and 3324 to adults. NWCH’s 17 counsellors are BACP members (www.bacp.co.uk), DBS checked, safeguarding trained. 14 specialise in counselling C&YP, as do Toby & Ellie our pet therapy dogs!

NWCH aims to enable CY&P to meet their full potential by preventing further deterioration in their mental health which can occur when waiting months to access therapy whilst undergoing a crisis, or when issues are not dealt with at all.

TDP would enable NWCH to welcome 60 CY&P for approximately 12 sessions each. The project’s scope will enable NWCH to address the wide ranging issues that C&YP bring, and its upper age limit of 25 will enable NWCH to support students referred by Universities and local colleges.
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