Counselling hub vows to continue to support people throughout coronavirus crisis

A community counselling hub has said it will keep working to support people with their mental health during the coronavirus crisis.

The NW Counselling Hub on the Allenby Business Park in Lincoln provides support for children, young people, adults and families across Lincolnshire.

Since the coronavirus crisis began, the hub say they have been….


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2nd Birthday Event – March 2019

Nearly 90 people who attended a celebration dinner in Lincoln heard how counsellors have been working with more than 580 people over the past year – including nearly 200 children.

And diners at the Naomi Watkins Counselling Hub CIC’s (NWCH) 2nd Birthday Dinner at The Double Tree Hotel, were held rapt as the Hub’s Chief Executive Naomi Watkins and fellow co-founder Alex Parkin shared how staff have been transforming young lives blighted by sexual abuse, rape, family break-up and loss.


Naomi, whose Community Interest Company also helps adults, couples and families, – also told of how funding for special programmes specifically designed to help young people, is coming to an end. Diners had the chance to help the Hub to turn more young lives around by supporting a huge raffle.

Impressed guests, who heard about success stories, including a first-hand account from a man brought back from the brink of suicide, generously supported the raffle and raised £1,321 for NWCH’s continuing work.

“We have a high rate of people ending their lives by suicide in Lincolnshire and some of them are young people,” said Naomi.

“We had over 266 referrals in our first year and 585 in our second year, giving us a total of 851 clients.  Last year we also received £75,000 in funding – including £40,000 from The Key Fund, £25,000 from The Bromhead Medical Charity and £10,000 from The National Lottery.

“Nearly 200 children were referred to us and nearly 400 adults in the last year, with issues ranging from grief and loss, family dynamics, sexual abuse, low self-esteem, anger, self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

“We are running two schemes dedicated to our work with Young People. The Acorn Project which supports those aged 4 to 18-years-old is funded by The Bromhead Medical Trust.  The Snowdrop Project, for those aged 4 to 25-years-old is funded by the National Lottery. Both allow funded counselling for Lincolnshire child victims of sexual abuse and rape.

“While we have received an extension to our existing £25,000 grant from The Bromhead Medical Trust and £10,000 from the National Lottery, both projects are full – and we have waiting lists. There is a huge need for our service and we need help to keep them funded, so I want to thank everyone who has supported our fundraising so generously tonight.”

On the theme of suicide prevention, Naomi is thrilled to have recently been awarded a prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship and she will be travelling to Australia and New Zealand the end of this month to research this area of the Hub’s work.

Last year NWCH hosted its ManChat Conference at The Showroom in Lincoln, which was attended by more than 100 people with top-flight speakers.  This year, the CIC, will be returning to The Showroom for another conference – themed around Suicide Prevention and will be help on World Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th September 2019.


National Citizen Service participants from Lincoln College, who have been working on a project for NWCH – where they have been researching what students’ and members of the public’s experience of mental health issues are – were also applauded at the Birthday Dinner and presented with medals and certificates.

This year has seen the Counselling Hub expand and create three more private rooms, giving it a total of nine counselling spaces.  It has also taken on 10 new members of staff – now its 27-strong team includes 19 counsellors and two much-loved therapy dogs.

The CIC, which also offers training for aspiring counsellors, receives its client referrals from charity organisations, schools, mental health services, GPs, social services, drug and alcohol services, the Probation Service and many other medical professionals.

The Hubs Directors (L-R), Charlie Blackwell (BDM), Nadine Daubney, Naomi Watkins (Co-Founder & CEO), Ben Wright, Miles Scudamore and Alex Parkin (Co-Founder).

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Beat Blue Monday!

That’s right….it’s said that the 3rd Monday in January is better known as ‘Blue Monday’

Pretty depressing right?

But, it doesn’t have to be!

True, January can feel like an abrupt end to the lively December bustle full of sparkles and social events, and sometimes we can so desperately try and hold onto this excitement. But the trick with January is simply not to fight it.

We must find the joy within it.

We can’t change the cold weather or the long dark nights, but what we can change is our attitude towards this month we seem to dread so much.

Instead we should be seeing it as an opportunity to revel in its quiet beauty.

Relish in the solitude that January brings, enjoy being free from social engagements, and appreciate the true charm of nature throughout these wintry months.

Glistening landscapes, pure white horizons and frosty trees at the crack of dawn. It really can be a beautiful time if we choose to seek out the positives.

Winter is a time for comfort, good food and warmth.

Take time to reflect on the past 12 months, what went right and what went wrong? Think about the year ahead and build genuine intentions.

We must mirror nature, hibernate and nourish, ready to burst into Spring with vibrancy and spirit.

Remember if it is too much – you can book a counselling session with us by clicking here for more info