2018 closes, 2019 plans under way!

As 2018 draws to a close, the NWCH team are taking a moment to reflect on our progress so far.

Since April 2017, our fully qualified counsellors have supported nearly 700 people, around 50% of whom were children / young people. We have had some amazing client success stories and will showcase some of these at events in 2019.

The NWCH team is hugely proud to be making a difference and ultimately saving and changing lives.

But we are taking only a moment to reflect. Why? Because we are:

* planning our 2nd Birthday event –  2nd March 2019. Book tickets here
* seeking funds to enable us to offer free counselling to those most in need
* preparing The Hub open day – 2nd FEB 2019. Come and visit us here
* recruiting students onto our accredited counselling training courses
* planning 2019’s conference, following the success of MANCHAT 2018

Before reviewing NWCH’s 2018 highlights, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who works in and on the business for your unwavering support.

We simply couldn’t do it without you!

NWCH’s 2018 highlights

2018 got off to a flying start with our 1st BIRTHDAY GALA DINNER at Lincoln’s Hilton hotel, attended by Lincoln’s Mayor and the City Sheriff.

Throughout 2018, we shouted from the rooftops to raise awareness about NWCH’s unique services!  This included delivering ourMANCHAT CONFERENCE, where more than 100 delegates heard riveting talks by some of the UK’s top public speakers.

Hard working Ellie, one of our pet therapy dogs, attended CONFERENCES AND OPEN DAYS during the year to help us raise awareness about our services and the NCS ACCREDITED TRAINING COURSES we offer to student counsellors.


As awareness of NWCH grew, so did demand for our services.

Our phone never stops ringing!

We now get referrals from social services, the crisis team, Spring Lodge, schools, GPs, the police, the probation service, Macmillan nurses, drug and alcohol services, other charities, carers agencies, colleges, Lincoln University, to name but a few.

To try to meet demand, we took on a second building in Lincoln and opened a satellite Hub in Grimsby.  We now have 10 counselling rooms (we started with 3 in 2017), 2 staff rooms, 2 reception areas, offices and a training room – yet we still need more space!


We were thrilled to have been awarded funding from 3 major donors in 2018:
The National Lottery, Key Fund, and Bromhead Medical Charity (BMC).
BMC enables NWCH to provide free counselling to those who need it most, but cannot afford it.
The National Lottery enables NWCH to deliver The Snowdrop Project, supporting children and young people who have suffered rape or sexual abuse.
Key Fund enabled NWCH to expand our premises and employ a full-time Hub Coordinator, who hit the ground running in November.
We are immensely grateful for the support of these key donors, but would also like to acknowledge and thank everyone who has donated their time and money to NWCH since April 2017.

It is a never-ending pursuit to earn and raise more money to provide free counselling to those most in need. But the NWCH team believes that there will never be a more worthwhile pursuit!

From all of the NWCH team below, we wish you a very
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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