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Narcissistic/ Borderline Parenting Styles
Why not come to our next workshop on Sunday the 26th of August?

Sarah Squires – Attachment based approach to parental alienation (narcissistic / borderline parenting styles)

Sarah’s background is social work (child protection).  She set up her own business to tackle the issue of parental alienation and disordered parenting from a psycho-social position. She is dedicated to reducing the impact of disordered parenting and parental alienation by providing up to date, evidence based training for professionals working with children and families.

The days training will cover the following:

  • Personality and attachment
  • The driving engine of alienation
  • The role-reversal core
  • Inducing symptoms of parental alienation
  • The trauma re-enactment narrative
  • The child’s experience

Tickets £80 + VAT for non-members
Tickets £60 + VAT for members

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