Double Celebration For NWCH

We are still so happy with how our Birthday Event went on the 3rd March 2018 we thought we’d share the details of the night with you. We also want to extend a massive thank you to all who gave raffle prizes, attended on the night and kindly donated to our projects – it is already making a difference to peoples lives.

More than 75 people made, a community interest company’s first birthday celebrations extra memorable by raising more than nearly £1,200 for its life-changing work.

Impressed guests, who attended the NWCH (Naomi Watkins Counselling Hub) party at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Lincoln, dug deep in support of a bumper raffle, then topped it off with further donations – raising £1,190 to help the Community Interest Company to counsel more people in distress.

Diners warmly applauded the Hub’s work and its recent expansion, at the end of an outstanding year during which co-founders Naomi Watkins and Alex Parkin had already received two lots of grant aid and been forced to expand into a second building to meet the sheer demand for their counselling and training services.

During the special evening, which was attended by Lincoln Mayor Councillor Chris Burke, the city’s Mayoress Coun Sue Burke and Sheriff Jo Rimmer, Naomi and Alex showed a video and explained how the Hub’s team is working with both children to adults to change lives.

Guests listened intently as a mum-of-three gave a personal testimony of how the Hub had helped her children through a difficult period after she was diagnosed with cancer.  Other testimonies were also read out.

Naomi said: “It was a really wonderful evening and we were blown away with the amount of money raised by the generously-supported raffle and donations.

“This will be ploughed back into our projects, because we are determined to improve as many lives as possible.  These funds will be targeted on our Acorn Project, to help young people between the ages of four and 18 years old, who have suffered sexual abuse or rape.

“It will also assist our work with Scunthorpe-basedTeam Verrico, for whom we provide counselling to families facing cancer and our work with Sophie’s Journey, where we offer group therapy to parents who have lost children to cancer.”

In one year we, NWCH have grown to boast a 25-strong team, which includes 18 counsellors, and we are based out of two adjacent units on the Allenby Business Village, off Monks Road, in Lincoln.

We recently appointed team member and counsellor Charlie Blackwell as the Hub’s Business Development Manager.  In addition to continuing to offer one-to-one support to clients, he will be helping to develop the training arm of the company.

Within the first six months of trading, Naomi and Alex celebrated a £25,000 grant from The Bromhead Medical Charity, which NWCH is using to provide free counselling to young people and children, whose lives have been blighted by sexual abuse or rape.

Local sexual abuse services have been encouraged to signpost children and young people in need to the service, where they are offered a mixture of pet therapy, sand tray therapy, play and counselling to help them to process their emotions and regain their confidence.

News of a £60,000 “super boost” came in February, which allowed NWCH to double the size of the Lincoln Hub, spelling even better news for clients and fellow professionals.

That funding, which was awarded by The Key Fund, unlocked Naomi and Alex’s dream of creating more counselling rooms, which they have now done, and also lease a second building for use as a dedicated training centre.

The training centre will generate further income to help ensure the future sustainability of NWCH.

Lincolnshire Live & Chamber of Commerce

Lincolnshire live and the Lincolnshire chamber of commerce have written about our first-year celebration.

“A counselling hub based in Lincoln which supports children who have been victims of sexual abuse have celebrated a successful first year in business.”

More than 75 people made NWCH (Naomi Watkins Counselling Hub) first birthday celebrations extra memorable by raising more than nearly £1,200 for its life-changing work.


It’s February…that month where we’re all expected to be happily coupled up, planning passionate getaways and celebrating how fantastic our relationships are. It’s the month of LOVE.

But the reality is we’re not all in perfect relationships, many of us are stressed out, relationships are rocky and life feels far too busy to address it all.

Well this year, lets re-evaluate February’s meaning of ‘love’ and shift the focus to ‘self love’. And no, this doesn’t mean self-obsession or walking around like you’re better than everybody, it means self appreciation and it screams self respect.

It’s time to slow down, take a step back and start looking out for number one.

Is your relationship healthy?  Is it nourishing your life?  Does it needs some work?…or simply just a little more attention?

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Directors of a fast-growing Lincoln counselling Hub today invited people to join in its First Birthday celebrations – and support its fundraising effort to help more people in need of its services.

NWCH, which has had more than 220 referrals from charity organisations, schools, Macmillan Nurses and other medical professions over the past year, is encouraging people to enjoy a special night out, which will feature an auction to raise money to allow the Hub to help those requiring urgent help to get their lives back on track.

The Community Interest Company, which has just expanded to have six counselling rooms, including those specially decorated to put adults, children and disabled clients at their ease, is based on the city’s Allenby Industrial Estate.

It is hosting its birthday bash at Lincoln’s Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Brayford Wharf North, on March 3, at 7.30pm.

NWCH Director Naomi Watkins said: “We are planning a fabulous evening, which will include a delicious three-course meal, live music, a DJ and our all-important charity auction, to raise funds to help more people to fight back from problems such as anxiety and depression.

Tickets cost £45 per person, but places need to be booked by February 17. These can be bought via Eventbrite using the following link:

Christmas and Emotional Wellbeing

“We must remember that sometimes it is more important to be kind, than to be right”

– Learning to let go of your perfectionism –

Christmas can be a challenging time for our stress levels and it’s even harder for those suffering with a decline in their emotional wellbeing. The festive period can instigate many personal triggers for people so it’s important we approach others with kindness and compassion.

There can be great pressure on having the ‘perfect’ day at Christmas and ensuring that all plans and deadlines are met, but really, memories are made of moments and it’s far more important to have a pleasant and positive vibe throughout the day than one that is full of strict and stressful guidelines.

Attachment Theory and Clinical Practice

Merging Traditional and Modern Attachment Theory with Brain Neurobiology
Sunday 12th November 10am-1pm

This workshop offers participants a fresh and updated perspective on attachment, and how early experiences shape the way humans relate to each other. This workshop will integrate cutting-edge brain neurobiology with clinical practice in ways that will enhance working relationships with clients of all ages.

This is a workshop not to be missed – book your tickets here

Cristina Odigie-Bulnes is an experienced UKCP registered Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist who supports children, young people and adults via talking and creative therapies such as arts, play and sand-tray therapies. Her therapeutic framework is integrative: this means that she combines various approaches and theories to understand and tailor to her clients’ specific needs.

She is passionate about integrating key neuroscientific research within her clinical practice, and she is also passionate about delivering specialist relevant training to agencies, schools, and parents/carers.

She trained at leading child and adolescent psychotherapy training centre Terapia, based in London, and since finishing her studies she has become more specialised in matters around trauma and dissociation, social neuroscience, emotional containment and regulation, and attachment.

Due to her upbringing and life experiences, she has a multicultural and multilinguistic background which allows her to make sense of and reflect on her clients’ diverse cultures, experiences, beliefs and values.

She works with adults, children and young people in her private practice, and also runs specialist school-based psychotherapy services in two special schools in Lincoln. One day a week she also works as a child therapist at a sexual abuse and trauma charity in Yorkshire.

Read the origional article here

Read the origional article here

A £25,000 grant has been awarded to Lincoln family counsellors to help young people whose lives have been blighted by sexual abuse or rape.

The Naomi Watkins Counselling Hub (NWCH) off Crofton Road, which has been awarded the money by the Bromhead Medical Charity, will use it to provide free counselling to more children and young people.

It is hoped that the chance from them to access professional help will allow them to fully explore their traumatic experiences and put them on the road to recovery and a brighter future.

NWCH’s co-founders Naomi Watkins and Alex Parkin said they are delighted to have been given the boost within the first six months of setting up their Community Interest Company and they are excited about making a difference to more young lives.

“We were massively thrilled to receive this grant. It will be used specifically for our Acorn Project. This means many more young people will have the opportunity to benefit from our help and hopefully start to feel better about themselves.

“We will offer these young victims a mix of pet therapy, sand tray therapy, play and counselling to help them to process their emotions, regain their confidence, feel safer and part of their community again,” said Naomi.

Lincolnshire Police recorded 738 sex child offences against young people (up to 18 years old) in the period April 2015 to March 2016 – that was a rise of 23% on the 598 recorded for 2014/2015.

Statistics also revealed 558 of the 738 offences (recorded for April 2015/March 2016) related to youngsters in the 0 to 14-years-old group. Of those, 88 out of a total of 112 were affected by “cyber-enabled” activity.

When looking at the overall statistics, around 50 crimes were perpetrated against children who were not old enough to attend primary school.

NWCH will use this grant to support children and teenagers between four and 18-years-old and will provide a minimum of 12 counselling sessions for each child/young person.

Alex Parkin added: “We were aware that there was a serious gap in free help for children and teenagers, particularly at the younger end of the scale and we knew that we were ideally placed to make a difference to those people’s lives.

“We have a team of 13 counsellors and we anticipate helping about 57 people a year.”

The Bromhead Medical Charity Secretary Steve Taylor said: “The trust was supportive of this application because this project is going to give assistance to children who have undergone traumatic experiences at a very early stage in their lives.

“Increasingly, this support is not available from the State and our Trustees felt it was very important that children, who have gone through dreadful experiences, should receive this counselling to give them the best chance to make the most of the rest of their lives.”

The NWCH also provides training for new and existing counsellors. As a not-for-profit organisation, it ploughs any “profit” from these sessions into a variety of projects to benefit the local community.

The Hub also provides support for both training and qualified counsellors, allowing them to both network and get supervision.

The Hub is having an open day on Tuesday, September 26, from 10am to 4pm.

People are encouraged to drop in and check out the facilities and talk to Naomi and her team about its wide range of services.

We at NWCH calls out for your votes to bag a share of the bag fund with Tesco!

NW Counselling Hub is bidding to bag a massive cash boost from the Tesco Bags of Help initiative.
Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its community funding scheme, which sees grants of £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 – raised from carrier bag sales in Tesco stores – being awarded to local community projects.Three groups in every Tesco region have been shortlisted to receive the cash award and shoppers are being invited to head along to Tesco stores to vote for who they think should take away the top grant.

NWCH is one of the groups on the shortlist.
The Acorn Project will provide FREE Counselling to children and young people who have been victims of sexual abuse.
We could not be more excited that our project has been shortlisted and we are really looking forward to supporting our local community, here in Lincoln with the funds from this amazing Tesco initiative.

Voting is open in all Tesco stores throughout September and October. Customers will cast their vote using a token given to them at the check-out in store each time they shop.

Tesco’s Bags of Help project has already delivered over £33 million to more than 6,400 projects up and down the UK. Tesco customers get the chance to vote for three different groups every time they shop. Every other month, when votes are collected, three groups in each of Tesco’s regions will be awarded funding.

Alec Brown, Head of Community at Tesco, said:
“We are absolutely delighted to open the voting for September and October. There are some fantastic projects on the shortlists and we can’t wait to see these come to life in hundreds of communities.”

Groundwork’s National Chief Executive, Graham Duxbury, said:
“We’ve been thrilled to see the diversity of projects that have applied for funding, ranging from outdoor classrooms, sports facilities, community gardens, play areas and everything in between.
“We’re looking forward to learning the results of the customer vote and then supporting each group to bring their project to life.”

Funding is available to community groups and charities looking to fund local projects that bring benefits to communities. Anyone can nominate a project and organisations can apply online. To find out more visit

Look out for us in these stores: LINCOLN 1 Superstore LN5 8HS

This picture was taken on the 1st September at the beginning! We can’t wait to see how full it is at the end! Good luck to the other causes too! All worthy winners!

Please remember to also select us as your community champions for your co-op dividend points!

How to select NW Counselling Hub CIC as your community champion:

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your account (you can click forgotten password/or create account if you don’t have one or can’t remember your login details)
  3. Click on ‘my membership’ at the top right of the page
  4. From the drop-down menu select ‘my account’
    Scroll down the page to a box that says ‘community champions’ bottom right of the page, in that box click ‘view champions’
  5. Click ‘choose your own community champion’
  6. In the search box enter ‘NW Counselling Hub CIC’
  7. Then click on ‘support this champion’

Thank you for all your support – we really appreciate it! And we will update you on the success of these initiatives in future newsletters so watch this space!
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Going from Strength to Strength!

We are now a team of 16! We have had a new Office Manager join us and a new volunteer! Plus more counsellors! We are now supporting over 60 clients! It’s busy here at the Hub!
See below for upcoming events and dates for your diary!
We are excited to have our first Open Day. Please do come and see what NWCH is all about, anytime between 10am-4pm on the 26 September.See the counselling rooms, reception area and the training room. Meet some of the team and the therapy dogs – Toby & Ellie.
Feel free to ask us questions.
Our Open day is free to attend and refreshments will be provided – including cake!

Come on one of our networking/CPD events or workshops – view them all here

Our upcoming Events are:
Tuesday 26 September 10am-4pm – NWCH Open Day
Saturdays 14 & 21 October 10am-4pm  – Working with Children and Young People
Friday 20 October 10am-1pm  – Macmillan & Sophie’s Journey Coffee Morning
Thursday 26 October 6pm-8pm  – Brain Neurobiology & Emotional Regulation
Sunday 12 November  10am-1pm  – Attachment Theory & Clinical Practice
Thursday 16 November  6-8pm  – EFT, Hypnotherapy & Trauma
Sunday 10 December 10am-1pm  – Introduction to Self-HarmAll of our events are bookable on our Eventbrite page which can be found here: 

What a month!

We have so much to tell you this month! We have been featured in the Lincolnite please click here to read the full article. And in Lincolnshire Live click here to read that one too! Since those articles we have nearly doubled the number of people we are supporting! We have a team of 10 amazing counsellors, trainers and support workers all supporting 40 people! Thank you so much for everyones support and encouragement, from all the team at NWCH! Read on to learn about our diplomas, courses and networking events!

We have also launched our website we would love you to have a read and let us know what you think: 

Train to become a Counsellor

Have you ever wanted to do a rewarding job helping people work through their thoughts and feelings? Want to train in a supportive environment? Would like to be part of a community? Then look no further – view all of our courses here email us to enquire further, book a viewing/informal chat or book an interview –


Our next events are:

Katy Roberts – Working with Children and Young People
Sunday 16th and 23rd July 2017 10am-4pm Book here

Mel Downing – Stress & Sleep – those two major SS’s
Thursday 27th July 6pm-8pm Book here

Sue Daniels – Working with Trauma
Saturday 12th August 10am-4pm Book here

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